Have you given up on any backslider that such an individual cannot retrace his/her steps back to God? Perhaps, you might even be the one that is in the state of backsliding at the moment. It simply means you have gone back to your vomit (2 Peter 2:22). Don’t give up! There is hope for the backsliders as well.  Luke 15:11-32 explains “the parable of the prodigal son”. The younger son was received back home by his father after he had wasted his own inheritance he collected from his father in a far country. Likewise, God is ever willing to reconcile sinners to Himself regardless of the mistakes committed. God will graciously forgive your sin if you return to Him just like the prodigal son.

However, backsliders need to take some steps similar to what the prodigal son did. Firstly, he came to himself and realized that he was really in a bad state (Luke 15:17). In the same vein, backsliders must be aware of their pitiable state of backsliding. It is important to realized that something urgent needs to be done otherwise they would perish in that state. It takes a humble soul to do this. Secondly, he arose and went to his father. Backsliders need to return to God with a humble heart and they will not be cast out; “I will in no wise cast out…”, John 6:37. Thirdly, the prodigal son acknowledged his sins and repented genuinely of them. Backliders cannot receive forgiveness unless they confess and forsake their sins.

As for the church, we have the responsibility to respond to the backsliders by welcoming them back into the church, giving them hope and not treating them like an outcast among us. The church needs to pray for the restoration of backsliders in the same vein. There is hope for you if you return today!

God bless you.


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