In 2 Kings 6: 1-7, The axe head, that was borrowed by one of the Sons of the Prophets fell into the water and sank deeply; even though they had good intention to expand where they were dwelling as a result of the explosion in the ministry work of Prophet Elisha. Christians, who are doing God’s will are not immune from troubles and issues of life. It is possible for us to lose things; It could be jobs, relationship in marriage, health, career, business and investment, children to the world etc. But thank be to God, we have a God who is a “very present help in the time of trouble” (Ps46:1). There is hope for you today. God of restoration will restore whatever you might have lost in Jesus’ name.

“I shall go, so he went with them” (2 Kings 6: 3-4 ); that God is ever with you does not mean you cannot lose things. When you see fellow believers that are experiencing losses, do not think such individuals are being judged by God for their sins. It does not necessary mean that. It could be that God wants His name to be glorified in such situation.

And one of the sons of the prophets cried to the master and said, “ Alas, master! for it was borrowed”  (2 Kings 6: 5). Eventually, the axe head that fell into the water floated miraculously and it was recovered. Praise God! There is nothing beyond the power of God. He has promised us restoration (Joel 2:25). The right approach that is expected of any believer that seeks restoration is to cry unto the giver of hope-Jesus for restoration similar to what one of the sons of the prophets did. David, in 1 Sam 30:6,19, understood this and was able to recover all that he had lost. You will recover all in Jesus’ name. Trust in the LORD your God for your speedy recovery. There is hope of restoration for you!

God bless you.


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