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Integrity is matching words with action. Your words are powerful; they are covering upon you like a garment. It presents you as “responsible” or “Irresponsible” before God and man. Those who knows the value of integrity prefer to be swift in hearing but slow in speaking Jam 1:19 unfortunately many ministers, workers and members lacks value for integrity in their ministry, family and secular affairs.
Praise and worship our God for Who He is. Isa 44:6
Praise and worship our God for the creation power of heavens, the earth and everything therein. Psa 148:5
Let us praise God for His marvelous works on the earth. Psa 40:5
Let us thank God for His mercy and goodness in our life and family. Psa 23:6
Let us thank God for His goodness and mercy in His church and your nation. Psa 23:6
Have you borrowed anything with a promise to pay back at a certain time and yet to pay back after the deadline? God describe you as a wicked person. Psa 37:21. Pray for mercy, and go and pay back what you borrow
Read Matt 7: 20. Are you a minister, workers or member of the church, that what you says, what you teach or preach to others, are not a match for the life you life, it means your words are vain words. You need to repent. Ask God for mercy and restoration.
Father; remove every filthy garment that Satan has put on us as a result our words Zec 13:4
Dishonesty is a reason why many lacks integrity; Father, deliver your people from every acts of dishonesty
Father; touch my tongue with your coal of fire to always tell the truth. Isa 6:6
Gehazi and his generation became leprous as a result of covetousness and lies. O God, save your people from destructions as a result of doubled lifestyles. 2Kings 5:27
Father; please help our church leaders to be good examples of living by what they say. Psa 15:4
Father; please help our political leaders to be good examples of living by what they say.
Father; have mercy on our church leaders, where they have said “God said” whereas God has not said. Jer 23:21
Praise singing, sycophancies are major weapon devil uses to deceive and bring down many men of God; Father; give your people victory over lying spirit King 22:6

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