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TEXT: 2Kgs. 2:19, 2Chro 7:14. Many nations are sick and some are under curse because God is neglected and evil is prevailing.
Thank God for his mercy and goodness to all nations. Psa 106:1
Thank God for sustaining all nations despite evil and rejection of God in many.
Let’s ask for mercy from God for all nations in Jesus Name. 2Chro 7:14
Let us pray that the blood of Jesus will purify all nations in Jesus name. Matt 26:28
Father, paralyse every power polluting my nation in Jesus name.
Father, heal our political system of every infection in Jesus name. Mark 6:13
We render impotent any power polluting our political system in Jesus name.
Holy spirit arrests and render useless any power demanding blood ritual, hence polluting the land. Acts 15:20
Holy spirit terminates all forms of blood rituals in all nations.
Father, heal the economy of our nations. 2Chro. 7:14
Father, heal our land of every form of barrenness. 2Ki 2:21
We banish the spirit of addiction from our nation.
Holy Spirit heal all our people of addictions in Jesus name. Acts 10:38
We send the spirit of sexual immorality out of our nations.
Father, in your mercy, heal all that are sexually polluted in our nation. Matt 14:14

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