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TEXT: Exo 15:26, JaS 5:15, Psa 107:20-21, 1Pet 2 :24, Mal 4 :2. Sickness originated from the fall of man in the garden of Eden. The force behind sickness is Satan. The will of God Almighty is that we should enjoy sound health all the days of our life here on earth. It is the prayer of faith that rescues a man from the wilderness of sickness.
Thank God for His mercy that endureth for ever over us. Psa 136:1
Thank God for His healing power and grace that is sufficient for us. Psa103:3
Father, forgive us of any sin that has brought sickness upon any one of us. Psa 107:1
I command every evil handwriting justifying sickness in my life to be wiped away by the blood of Jesus. Col 2:14
Father I pull down any stronghold of sickness attached to my destiny in Jesus name. 2Cor 10:4
In the mighty name of Jesus, I break into piece any altar of sickness fighting my life. Deut. 7:5
Holy Ghost, please remove any garment of sickness from my life in Jesus name.
I command any arrow of sickness in my body to go out now in Jesus name. Psa 18:14
I terminate any acquired sickness at my birth in the mighty name of Jesus. Joh 9:1
Father, let your power heal me of any stubborn sickness that want to kill me before my time. Joh 11:4
Father, by redemption, any sickness that kills people untimely in my family will not kill me.
King of glory! Terminates any terminal sickness that runs in my family.
Father, in your mercy, heal and save any member of my family that is sick.
I command every seed of sickness planted in my body to beuprooted in Jesus name. Matt 15:13
Father, I claim my total freedom from any sickness in my life in Jesus name. Joh 8:36.

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