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Text: Prov.10:15, 20:13. Poverty is the state of being poor, it exists when people lacks idea and the means to satisfy their basic needs, poverty can be a curse and it’s a torment, so you need to pray it out of your life.
Bless the name of the Lord for the salvation of your soul.
Thank God for the gift of life, for it is only the living that can praise God, Psa 115:17
Thank God for daily provision for your life and family.
Thank God for satisfying your mouth with good things, Psa 103:5
Thank God for supplying all your need according to his riches in glory, Phil.4:19.
Thank God for becoming poor for you to be rich, 2Cor 8:9,
Father, arise and scatter every enemy that is sponsoring poverty in my life in Jesus name, Psa 68:1,
Father, by your mercy, remove from me and my family every garment of poverty in Jesus name, Zec 3:3-4,
Father, by your mercy, visit my foundation and uproot every seed of poverty planted by the enemies in Jesus name, Mat.15:13
Father, by your mercy, destroy every altar of poverty the enemies have raised against my life in Jesus name. Judg 6:25
Father, by your mercy, cast out every spirit of poverty in my life in Jesus name. Deut. 8:18
Father redeem me with your blood from every curse of poverty in Jesus name, Gal.3:13-14,
Father, arise and destroy every evil pipe that is draining away my prosperity in Jesus name.
Father by your mercy, deliver me from financial enslavement in Jesus name, Isa 49:24-26.
Father by your mercy, restore to me my financial glory that the enemies have stolen from me in Jesus name, Joe.2:25.

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