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TEXT: Job 2:3, 1Chro29:17
1. Let us thank the Lord for sustaining the church regardless of the attack of the enemy Matt 16:18
2. Let us praise God for destroying every arrow shot at the church to discredit Her ordinance. Isa 54:17
3. Let us glorify the name of our God for honouring His name over the Church. Psa 46:5
4. Let us pray that the church stays true to God’s message and we proclaim it whether or not it is convenient. 2Tim 4:2
5. Let us pray that the church would be deeply committed to seeking God in prayer. Col 4:2
6. Let us pray that the church will boldly share Jesus, the ONLY way and hope! Acts 4:12
7. Let us pray that the church will worship, adore and praise God, in spirit and in truth. Joh 4:24
8. Let us pray for the church leaders to follow Christ, and serve humbly
9. Let us Pray for protection of all the flock won unto Christ and make our leaders good example. 1Pet 5:2-3
10. Let us pray for the church’s dedication and perseverance to bring believers unto maturity in discipleship. Col 1:28-29
11. Let us pray for more servants with the heart of integrity to join Jesus in His Kingdom work. Matt 9:37-38
12. Let us pray that church leaders prepare and equip believers for service. Eph 4:11-12
13. Let us pray that the church clings to its first love and let integrity of speech be found in her. Rev 2:4-5
14. Father, let our reverence for you surpass pleasing men in Jesus name.
15. Father give us the boldness to be transparent in all things , in Jesus name.

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