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See the Prayer Points/Guide below:


  1. Let us pray for effectuality of the ministry of prayers in RCCG. God will always answer our prayers Jam 5:16
  2. Let us pray for the AGO, SATGO and other leaders, for vision so that they will walk in the will of God at all times. Acts 6:4
  3. Let us pray for prayer revival among our Pastor in Charge in all our Parishes globally to support and encourage prayers in their domain.
  4. Let us pray for the power of prayers to uproot every satanic foundation in our nation.
  5. Let us pray for the National prayer Department as it holds Northern prayer fire conference to confronts strongholds in that parts of country; God will back up the warriors for victory.
  6. Ask God to open the flood gate of heavens and let it rain financially over Redemption Prayer Garden. Isa 45.1
  7. Ask God to open the heavens for the Redemption Prayer Garden (RPG) in the Redemption camp, Nigeria. Psa. 23
  8. Pray that God will move men to favour the building of the Redemption Prayer Garden Psa. 23.5
  9. Let us ask God to cage and disgrace every Sanbalat and Tobiah assigned from the kingdom of hell to hinder the work. Neh. 4.4
  10. Pray for the warring men. They will pray with knowledge and not be a victim. They shall all reap the fruit of prayers.

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