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DAY 48:  TUESDAY 27TH FEB 2018

See the Prayer Points/Guide below:


  • Intense praise and worship
  • Thank God for a new day and for the salvation of your soul
  • Ask God for help from any area you PERSONALLY need help. Ps. 108:12
  • Let God arise and let all those contending with me be frustrated. Ps. 35:1
  • Ask God to use you for His glory and be a blessing to healing the sick, raising the dead, opening the blind eyes, making the lame to walk, etc. Act: 10:38
  • Ask God to make you a blessing to the whole world. Gen.12:2-3
  • Ask God to put an end to all your problems this year 2017. Ps. 60:11
  • Ask God to part every river Jordan before you and remove everything that is blocking the way to your destiny. Matth.7:7
  • Ask that every curse in your family, town and everywhere change to blessings. Exo. 28:1-14
  • Ask that God would show all those who have been mocking you saying, where is your God, that He is by your side.
  • As from today, everywhere I go let me be a blessing – blessing to a poor, blessing to the rich and blessing to the mighty, anywhere I go. Gen: 12:2-3

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