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DAY 33: MONDAY 12TH FEB 2018 –

See the Prayer Points/Guide below:


PRAYER FOR DIVINE REVELATION; Pro. 20:12Isaiah 6:1-8Ps. 51:15II Kings 6:16-17.

  • Father!!! Causer my eyes to see the invisible this year in Jesus mighty name
  • What ordinary eyes can’t see, let me see to behold the downfall of my enemies
  • Father!!! By your divine revelation let me see the end of Goliath of my destiny
  • Cause4 my hears to hear you speak loud and clear into me for direction throughout year 2018
  • My Father! My Father!! Cause me to hear new things that majority do not hear that will advertise destiny.
  • By divine revelation oh lord enlarge my mouth over my enemy

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