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See the Prayer Points/Guide below:


PRAYER FOR NIGERIA: II Chro. 7:14, Psalm 122:6

  • Let us thank God for the Unity of Nigeria and the place that is reigning in Nigeria now. Josh 11:23, Psalm 124
  • Let us thank God for the Men of honour inspire by the Holy Spirit to move Nigeria forward continually by praying Ps. 37:37Ps. 125:1-3.
  • Let us plead for mercy on behalf of our nation for atrocities and wickedness committed in the land.
  • Pray that the blood of Jesus will speak healing for our nation. Exo. 12:13
  • Let us speaks destruction unto every evil alter raise and serviced constantly anywhere in Nigeria to perpetuate human rituals, suicide bombing, targeted bombing and all other forms of killing
  • Let God arise in Nigeria and lets his entire enemy be scattered. Ps. 68:1-2
  • God will hear our prayer and recovered our nation from recession and all forms of famine.
  • God to heal our land and give rain of abundance in our land. 2 Kings 7:1-8
  • God to put an end to terrorism, kidnapping, hired killing, corruption, militancy, communal clashes, Farmers and herdsmen clashes in the land.

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