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See the Prayer Points/Guide below:


  • Intense praise and worship
  • Thank God for a new day and for the salvation of your soul
  • Ask God to be merciful unto us and give us a repentant heart in all our shortcomings and be willing to do His bidding this year
  • Father; call your people to be separate, to set aside worldly wisdom, pride and appearances, materialism, , idolatry of all sorts. Lead us out and lead us up. Stir in each and every heart to come out and be different! II Corinthians 6:17
  • Oh Lord, You are high and lifted up! Reveal your nature, character, and sovereignty for us to understand. And stand in owe of You God! Isaiah 6:1
  • Father; cause each of Your children to shine brightly in this land, Lord. Let each light take it’s place on a lampstand and draw others to You. May those without Christ see our good works and glorify You. Isaiah 60:1
  • Father; let our leaders to have wisdom, knowledge, and discernment, for these things come from You. Daniel 2:21
  • Father; we pray for Your Kingdom to come. May your will to be done in our nation as it is in heaven. Let righteousness, salvation, and truth define our lives, our marriages, our homes and communities. Matthew 6:10
  • Lord, You promise that the gates of hell will not overcome Your church. Lord! Strengthen Your church in this country! Let us rise to the battle cry and faithfully stand firm! Stir up our passions and desires for purity, holiness, and intimacy with You. Let us walk in the unquenchable fire of Your Spirit. Matthew 16:18

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