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See the Prayer Points/Guide below:


  • Praise God with these Songs:
  • He makes impossibility possible Mark 10:27
  • Our God can do all things,
  • I plead the blood, the blood of Jesus.
  • Thank God the author and finisher of your faith.
  • O! Lord my father, let the four winds of the earth begin to blow in FAVOUR, of all the camp projects in Jesus name.
  • Father scatter every conspiracy of Hell against the completion of 3×3 Auditorium, in Jesus name.
  • O! Lord empower this project to go faster and prosper in Jesus name (Ezra 5 v 1 – 8
  • Any strange Altar resisting the progress of this project, scatter by fire now in Jesus name.
  • The new Auditorium project, arise and shine in Jesus name. Isa 60:1 – Attract resources and finances in Jesus name.
  • Gain unusual speed in Jesus name.
  • Reject wrong workers in Jesus name.
  • Reject the voice of abandonment in Jesus name.
  • Attract ordained helpers in Jesus name
  • Receive grace and fresh anointing in Jesus name.
  • Be surrounded with the wall of fire in Jesus name.
  • Receive the light of God in Jesus name.
  • Be completed to the glory of God in Jesus name

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