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Dont Delay

 Don’t Delay


‘…. Go and come again, and tomorrow I will give; when thou hast it by thee. ’ (Prov 3:28).

Giving or liberality is a gift; but at the same time, can be cultivated or developed by a willing heart. It is a divine covenant that an increase will only be possible by an art of generous sowing. No wonder God demonstrated this art of giving to all men in giving His only begotten Son that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Rom 5:8).

Most times we allow procrastination when it comes to releasing what we have to those who need help. At such times, we don’t think of it as deceptive and disobedience. It’s just that you’re going to do it when it is convenient for you, when you have more money, when not too busy, when holidays are over, or backlog of assignments are reduced or even when the intended recipient come back to ask again.

Beloved, before God will give you an increase, he keenly observes what you’ve done with the one you already got. For example, it will be a Kingdom waste to give you more anointing if what you have presently is not fully and productively utilized.

Also when God asks you to do something, He wants you to do it on his own schedule time not yours! Someone needs that help from you now! Do not delay as it is in your power to assist that individual. Someone needs that word of encouragement and love from you, do not be shy to walk up to her and share God’s love with her. Someone needs that prayer of intercession from you, while on your knees; do not be selfish, rather pray for him. Your contact with that young boy and girl may be the last as he is on his way to commit suicide; therefore, do not delay, but tell him of God’s love (James 4:17).




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